KÜHL Clothing Life Style Blog

Outdoor apparel brand needing a custom CMS for their eCommerce lifestyle blog.


Kuhl was looking to bring more life into their products. the project was aimed at placing featured items in these lifestyle stories specifically a kuhl apparel item or two. Then cross sell the product as the user was reading the story, with the hope of the reader purchasing or exploring Kuhls Website.


Intense Animation Requirements

The project went through several design hand offs each adding more animation and scroll effects to the project. I relied heavily on custom animations I created with "ScrollMagic.js" and "GSAP" jQuery animation libraries.

I had to remove several requested animation due to poor browser performance as I learned the limitations and pitfalls of intensive parallax usage. Overall the stripped back effects still made the clients extremely happy as thier main ecommerce site had little to no user triggered animations or interaction.

A Major Push for the Catalog:

I was informed that  Kuhl would like to have The Outsiders blog look almost identical to the Catalog aesthetics that was being released simultaneously. Overall I feel like I was able to get the same essence that you can see from the pictured catalog throughout the site.


Scroll Effects

While abit overkill at times there was a demand for sticky scrolling for all of the story content that had long enough text sections. Overal I feel like I was able to provide as smooth a scroll experience as one could hope for given the project timeline.



I was able to deliver a custom CMS that enabled Kuhl to continue to add stories, adventure destinations, and more. They continue to use the blog and it is now full of almost triple the content from when I was still apart of the project. you can view the project by going to theoutsiders.com